Essays by Assaf Inbari

Assaf Inbari

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The Kibbutz Novel as Erotic Melodrama
Journal of Israeli History, vl. 31, Issue 1, Mars 2012

The end of the secular majority
Haaretz, 3.2.2012

The Finishing Touch
Eretz Acheret, September 17, 2009

Zionism's New Challange
Azure 31, Winter 2008

"The Spectacles of Isaiah Berlin"
Azure 24, Spring 2006. PDF version of the essay in Azure

Road map to Jewish fiction
"Intziklopedia shel hasippur hayehudi" ("Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story") Vol. 1, edited by Yoav Elstein, Avidov Lipsker and Rella Kushelevsky, Bar-Ilan University Press, 373 pages. Article printed in "Haaretz" February 18, 2005.

New Age: the Fall of the Secular State
The rise of New Age movements in Israel marks a crisis in the secular agenda on which this state was found. More than a mere fad, it signals a growing yearning for private redemption when the national project no longer holds. Published in Haaretz, September 1999.

Towards a Hebrew Literature
This essay, published in the quarterly Azure 9 (spring 2000), defines the poetics of Hebrew literature, from the Bible to Agnon, as a unique way of story-telling, which has been abandoned, unfortunately, by contemporary Israeli writers. PDF version of the essay in Azure

Assaf Inbari is Looking for a Home, by Etta Prince-Gibson, The Tower Magazine, September 2013